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Known bugs / issues / improvements that could be made:

02nd July 2017 - Version released with new features and various bug fixes.
  • Graph can be printed using the standard windows printer, will be autosized according to paper size
  • X and Y ranges can now be customised, or simply set to autorange
  • Graph can be copied to clipboard
  • For electronics users, data can now be converted from vRMS to dB
  • There seems to be the occasional problem with files containing white space.(despite checking for this)
  • 13th July 2016 - hopefully this is now fixed in version
  • Better support for different graph types, e.g. bar, stacked, etc.
  • Data conversion (volts to dB and vice versa) the code is there but not yet active.
  • 13th July 2016 - this code is now active - if the input file is in Volts(rms) and the dBu scale is selected, the data will be converted to dBu
  • Provide greater control over colour schemes. (a 'nice to have' really - not an issue as such).
  • Add a print option to print the raw data output, as this shows the normalisation factor.
  • Add a 'copy graph to clipboard' option - although the graph can easily be copied to the clipboard anyway.
  • *When printing a graph, the print output size is relative to the size on screen, so if the graph is full screen, it's too large for an A4 sheet. fixed in version
*A work around for this is to simply resize the window before printing.


If you have any other suggestions, feel free to contact me.