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NEW 02nd July 2017

Version released, with new features added.
There is currently one version ( for download. This will run on both x86 and x64 platforms.
Apart from that, everything else works fine (for me at least!).
The app is really easy to setup and use - please follow the instructions on the main page
The download is a .zip file which contains README.txt and setup.exe.

System requirements

GraphTool was developed and tested on Windows 8 with .net 4.5, however it should run fine on Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Version just released! (02nd July 2017)

02nd July 2017 - New features added and the code has been cleaned up and a few bugs hopefully eradicated.
Download version (with installer): here.
Download version (stand alone .exe): here.

Version just released! (13th July 2016)

13th July 2016 - the code has generally been tidied up and a bug hopefully eradicated (see todo page for details)
Download version (with installer): here.
Download version (stand alone .exe): here.

All downloads are .zip archives and have been scanned by and are free of any 'nasties'.
*NOTE* Please scan the archives yourself - four of the AV scanners on Virutotal report oddities with the installer - however the files are clean

I believe this to be because I am using the NSIS installer as the stand alone .exe reports clean

The installer does not check the .net version - but it is assumed that 99% of PC's have .net installed.
If your PC doesn't have .net installed - then GraphTool will not work for you.